After a serious illness, I did not have the strength to cook for a New Year’s Day get-together that was already planned and I did not want to cancel. On short notice you showed up with your pizza oven and took care of everything with class and style! It was perfect and a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. Thank you!
— J. Nicolas
Kokopelli catered our squadron party and it was a big hit (and made me look good in the process). Thanks Kokopelli!
— CAPT. Smith
5 Stars! Ciao, I am a wine rep with Vinottimo. I’m fairly new to the island (lived in Naples, Italy for 3 years) but one night I had a blast of luck and stumbled upon Kokopelli Pizza and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Their pizza is very close to what I am used to as far as true Neopolitana Pizza goes! It was so comforting being able to have a ‘taste of home’ here in Okinawa! Mike and his wife Etsuko are amazing people!
— Heidi Whitney
Once we discovered Kokopelli Pizza, it has become our ‘go to’ for their weekly drive-by pizza pick-up. The brick oven pizzas are always cooked to perfection and taste fantastic. Fresh ingredients mixed with the most amazing sauce make bite after bite delicious. It’s so much better than any other pizza place around that it’s totally worth the drive.
— Kaylie Harris
We always look forward to Pizza Night. Mike and Etsuko built their own Brick Oven, source locally, and make great pizza. They’ve also catered a lunch for 65 people and it was great! Great family, great pizza!
— Chuck Zapf